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With a 15 year global creative career and now more than a decade as a film director BULLOCK brings the two sides of the creative process under one roof.  Working directly with brands going from blank page to finished film.  With a deep understanding of the creative process  BULLOCK also collaborates with creative agencies to realise their visions. 

Founder Richard Bullock brings an enormous wealth of storytelling experience across styles and cultures. He has written and directed commercial projects worldwide for brands like asics, adidas, uber, airbnb, Omega, Turkish Airlines, Microsoft, MasterCard, Google, Ikea, Gatorade and has shot with a wide array of A-list talent like Daniel Craig, George Clooney, Al Gore , David Beckham, Lionel Messi and Cindy Crawford.


BULLOCK makes everything from scripted commercials to feature length brand  films. The work is identified by a high level of craft in terms of  concept, cinematography, editing and use of animation to give the work an original and memorable storytelling quality.

Brand Entertainment 

2004 | adidas -The Stars of St Kitts & Nevis | 6 x 5 minute Eurosport doc

2008 | adidas - Dream Big | 3 x 5 minute films | Euro football Cup

2009 | adidas - Football meets Futbol | Web series with David Beckham

2010 | East London to East London | 30 minute doc | Mother London

2012 | Omega - Through their Eyes feat. Daniel Craig | 30 minute doc Nat Geo

2015 | Gatorade - Més que un triplet | FC Barcelona  - Broadcast doc

2015 | Omega - The Hospital in the Sky | 1 hr doc Nat Geo

2017 | On - We are all One | 5 minute doc online

2017 | Omega - Starmen feat. Buzz Aldrin & George Clooney |  online

2019 | Omega - The Longest Minute feat. Charlie Duke & George Clooney | online

2020 | On - RUN : The athlete refugee team story | Feature doc global broadcast

2021 |  Vanish & BFC- Generation Rewear | 3 part series Amazon prime

2022 | On - Blace Ice | 10 minute online 

2023 | On - The Right to Race | 30 minute Eurosport & Discovery +

The work has won significant  industry accolades including the British D&AD pencil for Brand Entertainment. Gold,Silver and Bronze Sports Clios, OneScreen NY film festival prize and the British Arrows Gold Arrow for Branded Entertainment for 'The Right to Race' in 2024.

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