George Clooney meets astronaut Charlie Duke for the 50th Anniversary of the moon landing.

Client: Omega

30 refugee athlete's from 7 countries live and train in the Ngong hills of Kenya.

Client: ON running

Kids kicking it all over Australia.

Client: Aldi - Miniroos

Confusion reigns in the world of Organ donation in Australia. Until Jesus clears it all up.

Client: Dying to Live & GoodPitch

Buzz Aldrin and George Clooney reflect on the Apollo 11 mission.

Client: Omega

For Chinese New Year we bucked tradition and young Chinese took their parents away for the holiday. Client: airbnb

One of three stories about extraordinary research undertaken by an Australian University in Bangladesh. 

Client: University of Newcastle 

From the TVC campaign series -Whatever Drives You.  Client: Uber

Exploration of my favourite continent. Fly Africa.

Client: Turkish Airlines

George Clooney and Buzz Aldrin reflect on the Apollo mission to the moon.

Client: Omega

Really loved using the painted backdrops of West African photography studios to document the life of Didier Drogba.

Client: Turkish Airlines

The trailer for a TV documentary shot in Mongolia with actor Daniel Craig.

Client: Omega /Orbis International

Broadcaster: National Geographic

Film trailer for feature TV documentary shot in Peru with Cindy Crawford and Kaia Gerber.

Client: Omega/Orbis International 

Broadcaster: Sky/Nat Geo/SBS

These short films/long ads occupied the entire ad break to help promote Mastercards involvement in the Rugby World Cup. Shot in Samoa, South Africa and New Zealand. Loved making them. 

Client: Mastercard

Fascinating job going behind the scenes at Microsoft. Some pretty incredible things going on there.

Client: Microsoft

I was pretty moved by the amazing people participating in the Coaches vs Cancer game at the NCAA.

Client: Infiniti

So many wonderful people and places I've traveled and worked. This is a shorthand across some of the other projects not featured above.